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Sometimes it seems to me that doing business in China is like walking through a minefield.  You need to see where these mines are hidden (the Chinese do, foreigners often refuse or are blind to see them). In my early years I have stepped upon some of them, and with this experience I believe that I can guide foreign companies in China and advise them in dos and don'ts. I enjoy the company of very reliable Chinese partners to enable me to penetrate potential bamboo curtains.

The other way round, I could even assist Chinese companies for their plans outside of China.   

But generally speaking, my experience is not restricted to China only. There is more.

In my last 23 working years I was lucky to be able to unite what I have ever learned - civil engineering, languages, MBA - with my passion, which is traveling. Traveling to remote places, those that are off the beaten track. And even during my hundreds of business travels I enjoyed strange encounters, which I noted down for my self, and which are now displayed in my Travel Blogs. Doing the same things over and over again makes me easily bored, and my curiosity in learning and experiencing does not fade away, even increases with my increasing age.


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