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  • Wolfgang Fobo

Disgusting Food Museum, Malmö

For all who like the bizarre: this museum is a MUST

I was just strolling in Malmö, killing time until my train left. And then I stumbled over this place. And since I am fascinated by all kind of outwardly experience, I had no choice but to enter. To my memory, the entrance was something around 20 EUR, but definitely worth every single cent.

Your ticket to the museum: some may need it

At the entrance, you are handed out a vomit bag as a kind of "ticket", and why this makes sense you will soon understand. The museum displays all kinds of disgusting food of all kinds of countries, even giving this phenomenon of disgusting food a scientific approach. After all, the food on display can not be disgusting for all, otherwise it would not exist.

I always thought this is folklore: a table where you will eat the brain of a living monkey. A story from Southern China, if at all believable

There are samples that you can smell: I persuaded me to smell the Surströmming, a Swedish delicacy, and having done that, my nose had enough for an hour or so...

Also the English have something to offer, as an example here a cheese.

Quite a few offerings come from the Chinese. Now, I wonder: if the Chinese would open a Museum of Disgusting Food, which food would they display? I remember that once when a Chinese delegation visited me in Munich, I took the opportunity for a kind of revenge. Because the Chinese made me eat all kind of challenging food when I was over there, I thought now it is my time to challenge them. And funny enough, they judged blood sausage to be pretty disgusting. Blood sausage? I like it! Yes, disgust is relative.

I bet that even not every Chinese will enjoy mouse embryo wine.

I just remember another challenge I had in Korea: it is called Hong O. A kind of dried fish, and when you eat a stripe, you will have an explosion of Ammoniak in your mouth. The Koreans, observing my face, grinned and added "it is good for the man"...I wouldn't be surprised if the embryo mouse wine would promise a similar effect...

Frog juice...a wonder beverage, just look at the diseases that can be cured

One question remains unanswered: apart from blood sausage that the Chinese abhorred, which other German food is considered disgusting? After all, in the museum, I could not detect anything of German origin.

Near the entrance you can even try out some of the disgusting food on display. And this may be the time that your vomit bag comes into action...

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