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On display: make love AND war: Khajuraho, India

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Have you ever heard of this temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Located in Eastern Madhya Pradesh, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments are a group of temples famous, among others,  for their erotic sculptures. For details please go to Wikipedia or google. As we were in Madhya Pradesh anyway, being invited to an Indian wedding ceremony - what an incredible experience - I finally gave in to my curiosity to visit this world famous temple complex.

You can reach Khajuraho by air from Delhi, or take a train, which we did on our return to Delhi, and which we deeply regretted, because this was the worst 1st class A/C train ever taken, absolutely unreliable, no dining car, not really clean, hours of delay. Anyhow, when traveling in India, you must be prepared for surprises, with your senses being attacked.

Beautifully crafted figures everywhere, displaying scenes of daily life...

The sensual attack in Khajuraho comes from the erotic sculptures that you will spot at the temple walls. Displaying all kinds of sexual positions, and this with lust, I wondered whether such frivolous „art“ would still be possible on public display today.

I see the elephant grin when looking at the couple making love

It reminds me that what you deem to be correct today - politically correct - will probably not be politically correct in future. Even more so I can only  laugh at those zealots who burn books or destroy sculptures because they no longer fit in their perceived correct view of the world. I confess that being „woke“ for me is nothing but another but modern form of narrow-mindedness. Alright, you may forgive me, if you disagree, in your eyes I might be the dinosaur, close to extinction. Be it.

Sex scenes in all varieties...

This is what Khajuraho taught me. What you think is correct today may not be correct tomorrow. And was apparently considered normal yesterday need not necessarily be condemned today. Don’t take yourself so important, all is in flow.

The temples are embedded in a beautiful landscape

In Khajuraho you best take a guide, which the taxi driver that took us to our hotel arranged for us. Then the touring around is easy, and you will also be able to see other attractions, like the Jain temple.

Looking at this scene, it occurred to me the phrase "Make love AND war"

And these erotic sculptures are just a small part of all the sculptures that you will see. Temple walls are full of sculptures, including, among others, an army preparing for war.

Going to war...

Pondering over what is on display here, it seems to me that our present way of thinking, our notion of morality, is just temporary. I wonder how the next generation acts, believing they are right...

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