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  • Wolfgang Fobo

Fernando De Noronha

Traveling to the island of Fernando de Noronha is nothing challenging, no hardships to overcome. Rather the opposite. It is a paradise for the well-heeled. In so far the only challenge might be to be prepared for the expenses.

Praia do Sancho is said to be ranked 6 times as the most beautiful beach in the world. Credible, indeed

Accessing Praia do Sancho is not for the faint hearted. You have to climb down 2 very steep ladders

The island is a natural paradise, at about an hour flight from Recife, Brasil. Under UNESCO protection. Already the flight is unusually expensive, and before leaving the airport, you have to pay a kind of environmental tax, for each day that you spend on the island. We spent together around 930 BRL for 5 days, which is around 18 USD per day per head. This is not enough, when you want to visit a National Park there - to which some of the most beautiful beaches belong. So this entry fee sets you back another some 70 USD.

The "Two Brothers"

Everything on the island is expensive - alright, we knew it beforehand, but we were curious, and anyhow Gisela’s birthday should be celebrated in a special way. So we did.

The only thing I may have missed was a Caipirinha in hands...(but that came later)

But no complaints about the prices over there, you get an equivalent in return. You can swim (or snorkel) with giant sea turtles. In the morning you can set out with a boat to find yourself in good company with dozens of dolphins. You can swim and snorkel like being in an aquarium, water temperature was around 26°C, curious fishes coming close to you.

Excursion into paradise...

And Fernando de Noronha is said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which you easily will believe.

When you feel you deserve something special (or your loved on), this place could be an option

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