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Pot hole rallye to the Isalo National Park, Madagascar

Aktualisiert: 24. Mai 2023

Still I am unsure: is Madagascar more beautiful than it is poor, or exceeds the poverty level its level of beauty? In any case, your senses are challenged. You will enjoy beautiful nature, and then, all of a sudden all the hills that you see along the road are deforested, all trees cut down for firewood. Beauty and barrenness take turns.

Going South, towards one of these Parks, the Isalo National Park, we passed by the typical highland houses, one of which we were given the opportunity to visit.

A typical farmer's house in the highlands of Madagascar, which we had the opportunity to visit

It turned out that we visited a widow who still lived with her youngest son

If you think these are poor places, you have not yet seen these ones:

Such a view always makes me grateful: how did I deserve to be born elsewhere?

Three quarters of all Malagasy people have to survive with less than 2 USD per day.

Always great fun for all: show the kids the fotos that you made of them

If you show the kids the fotos that you made of them, there is always great laughter, and they will not stop posing for you.

Finally, after a long drive, we reached the Isalo National Park, and a wonderful lodge awaited us, the Satrana lodge. Where we spent to nights.

The Satrana Lodge

Citing Wikipedia, the Isalo National Park is a sandstone landscape that has been dissected by wind and water erosion into rocky outcrops, extensive plains and up to 200m deep canyons. So it is not a rainforest park, and you may experience more scorching sun that you might wish. You can make guided walks through this park, which we did.

Isalo National Park

These plants are called Elefant foot

The guided walk took us even to a beautiful pool where we could swim.

A natural pool to relax, before we continued our hike

Isalo National Park

From that pool we hiked for about 2 hours to the picknick place - don’t forget sun protection! Picknick will be prepared for you by the staff, and we got an abundance of food we could not finish.

An Iguana on the way

After this strenuous hike up and down eventually we reached the picknick place - where also the Lemurs were waiting for us. Lemurs we saw at many places in Madagascar, but nowhere they came as close to us as here.

Luckily we had already eaten

This Lemur seems to show us the way to the car park

Back in the Satrana Lodge, we enjoyed its comfort and recovered from our walk.

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