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  • Wolfgang Fobo

The Camel

This is a story that I would like to share with you when I traveled in Equatorial Guinea. This country perhaps being the one that is most difficult to enter. Those who make it are just a few, and usually you travel in a group. So did I, and we were 7. Among us Morgan, a catholic priest from Australia, a very impressive guy, and certainly not somebody whom you would take for a priest. Morgan has the hobby to climb the highest mountain of every country, and of all sharing the same hobby, he leads that list. Morgan is the number one in the world. In the course of his many conquests he traveled to Tchad, climbing the highest mountain somewhere in the North. To get there, you have to go to Fa by car, then the road ends, and from there you have to travel with a camel. You have to buy that camel that costs in the range of 350 USD, and when you return, you can sell it for perhaps 250 USD. But you do not ride the camel, you walk. Otherwise you would get seasick. The camel carries your belongings. So, since Morgan never had bought a camel, he was insecure how to do that, and according to which criteria to select the right camel. So he asked the guide. „Quite easy“, was the reply. „Because you do not select the camel, but the camel selects you. You have to pass all the camels that are on sale at the market, and when a camel likes you, it will step forward“. So it was. Morgan passed by all the camels, one camel stepped forward, and this was his camel for the next 3 weeks to come.

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