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  • Wolfgang Fobo

The Pamir Highway

It was an adventure journey, starting in Osh in Kirgistan, ending in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Traveling in jeeps, over mountain passes of more than 4,000m elevation. And although this route is pretty remote and challenging, you find cyclists accepting that challenge, being rewarded with a beautiful scenery.

The border pass between Kirgistan and Tajikistan

Our travel group

Traveling in remote areas, you do not always have a comfortable hotel waiting for you. You can be lucky if you get your own room in an homestay (we were), and accommodation is sometimes really basic. But exactly this is part of the adventure, albeit a guided one.

The highest elevation at our tour - Ak Baital Pass

The most scenic part of our tour was traveling through the Wakhan Corridor. The Panj river separates Afghanistan from Tajikistan, and over the course of 4 days we had Afghanistan to our left.

The camels are grazing in Afghanistan

Stunning scenes all the time

Panj River and Pamir Mountains accompany us over the course of 4 days

View of Afghanistan

Gisela and me at the Panj River

This is a typical scenery that accompanied us for most of the time

Crossing into Afghanistan

Until recently it was possible to cross the bridge into that closed area on the Afghan side, when there was a market every Saturday. Unfortunately, we were not given the chance any longer - the bridge was closed. This is were we left the Wakhan corridor and the border area.

Visiting a Fortress on the way to Dushanbe

The total trip took around 12 days, and can only be conducted in the summer months

Rich, our guide, said that he chose to do the tour in reverse direction (it usually starts in Dushanbe and ends in Osh), for the simple reason that when you drive at the right side, and the gorge is at your left, you are further away from the abyss. Well done, Rich.

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